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September 23, 2016

Samsung Claims 26 Fake Reports of Note 7 Fire Incidents

To this day, there have been close to 100 reports of faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units catching fire or exploding while charging in the US alone and similar problems have been reported in some other regions in the world where the Galaxy Note 7 is on sale. However, that isn’t to say people aren’t trying to take advantage of the situation or are blaming Samsung’s latest flagship for a fire because of other reasons. As the South Korean consumer electronics manufacturer revealed yesterday, it has so far dealt with 26 false reports of Galaxy Note 7 fires. Samsung claims that US residents filed nine erroneous reports, three of them originated in [...]

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September 20, 2016

Here’s how the Note 7 mandatory battery limiting update will work

Although Samsung has now begun sending out replacement Galaxy Note 7 handsets to consumers, many people still haven’t turned their handsets in to the recall program. To ensure consumer safety and persuade the stragglers to return their Note 7s, Samsung will be issuing a mandatory update to limit the battery charging capacity to just 60 percent.

The mandatory update was originally reported on a week ago and has been spotted in South Korea since. The update will be making its way out to Australian customers tomorrow, and will probably arrive other regions very shortly. The actual release timings will depend on the carrier networks, but it [...]

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September 20, 2016

Galaxy Note 7 won’t return to US until October 21

Samsung’s recent debacle with the Galaxy Note 7 has seriously tarnished the name of the device and potentially the reputation of Samsung entirely. The massive recall has been a financial catastrophe for the Korean tech titan, and the halt on sales has certainly put a dent in the company’s anticipated revenue.

After issuing numerous apologies, Samsung now assures us that the exploding battery issue is completely fixed. New devices will begin going on sale in Korea  next week on September 28, but US Note 7 fans will have to wait nearly until the end of next month before they can pick up a safe version of the flagship phablet.

The [...]

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September 20, 2016

Samsung faces suit after Florida man suffered burns from Note 7 explosion

Samsung’s move to recall nearly one million units of the Galaxy Note 7 sold in the US may have come late for a Florida man who suffered a second-degree burn after the device allegedly exploded in his pocket.

Jonathan Strobel has sued Samsung Electronics for the incident, the latest in a series of reported cases of overheating Galaxy Note 7’s, including more than 90 in the United States alone. The lawsuit marks the first legal battle that the South Korean phone maker has to face over its defective Galaxy Note 7 battery. Surely, Samsung is anticipating more legal roadblocks in the next weeks, including potentially one or more class action [...]

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